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Park Shoebill is located South West of Entebbe town on Bussi, 2”49 North of the Equator on Bussi Island which is found on the spectacular and beautiful lake Victoria. The island is only about 8 kilometres from Entebbe town and can be reached within 40 min by motorized canoe or 15 min by speedboat. It is in the vicinity of Entebbe international airport and has a great view of the Entebbe Peninsula


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Our Holiday & Camp Packages

Experience nature at its best. Enjoy the quiet and Serenity in our cottages. We took time to build them using carefully selected natural and locally made materials. Get the feeling of Luxury fused with nature set out in a with a great lake view

Pick up at Nakiwogo and drop back in our speed boats, 3 level Ropes Course, zipline, cycling, Zorb ball, Boat rowing, Nature walk... priced at Ugx 250k per person

Take a tour of the island and the Mabamba wetland, a protected Ramsar site, the home of the famous Shoebill bird with over 300 birds species. With over 300 bird species that include water and land birds, Bussi Island is a great place to quench your birding thirst. Park shoebill is proud to be associated with nature and will be a great place for you to enjoy this birding experience. 

Cycle or take the boat to the Equator line. Experience the Norther and Southern hemisphere divides of the earth.. some pics of bike and boat there

Take a Nature walk or ride and experience Nature in its original setting

Experience the island community and the various activities they engage in

Our natural setting and distance from main land offers the best environment for team building events and conferences

We offer an exclusive environment for family gatherings, Birthdays, Baby showers, exclusive groups

See what a $150 budget can do for you at Parkshoebill.

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